Filmmaker | DP | Colorist

  • Short Documentary | Brew Brothers | Saarbrücken

    Shooting a short documentary for Brew Brothers in Saarbrücken As every filmmaker I always had a thing for coffee. The moment I drank a coffee brewed by Joe and Steve however, completely changed the way …

  • Commercial | CrossFit Saarbrücken | Saarlouis

    Commercial for CrossFit Saarbrücken | CrossFit Saarlouis This commercial had 2 basic premises: Describe CrossFit, which is shortly determined by: Increased work capacity broad time and modal domains: CrossFit Constantly varied high intensity functional movements: …

  • Short Documentary | “Nur Knöpfe drücken…”

    To finish of my education I had to produce a short film in a time window of 16 hours of production and post-production. I chose a subject which is really close to my heart – …

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    Here is what I do and what I love to do – Filmmaking.

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