Commercial | CrossFit Saarbrücken | Saarlouis

Commercial for CrossFit Saarbrücken | CrossFit Saarlouis

This commercial had 2 basic premises:

Describe CrossFit, which is shortly determined by:

Increased work capacity broad time and modal domains: CrossFit

Constantly varied high intensity functional movements: CrossFit

And the client wanted the Commercial not to be hardcore but rather emphasise the community aspect of CrossFit. So this is what I came up with. I decided that this commercial would benefit from a high key look to not scare the viewer off. But at the same time it should be clear, that CrossFit is not to be taken lightly, hence the rough handheld camera work.

CrossFit Saarbrücken, CrossFit Saarlouis

Bastian Dittrich

DP, Director of Photography
Bastian Dittrich
Red Epic Dragon

1st Assistant Cameraman
Alexander Neu

2nd Assistant Cameraman
Julian Schneider

Boom Operator & Set Runner
Dominic Bauer

Bastian Dittrich

Color Grading
Bastian Dittrich

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