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My life as a filmmaker – how I got into CrossFit

As a filmmaker we all struggle the same: long working hours in our editing rooms as well as long working hours on set, filming. While sitting in the chair and editing actually deteriorates our bodies, being on set will demand strength and endurance from our bodies. It’s a contradiction that I believe many of us working in the filmmaking industry are facing. So I decided I wanted to finally get fit. But where to start?  Well let’s start with the things that got me started, shall we?

September 2015

While on my way home from a set in Hannover, I was listening to the “Go creative Show” – a podcast by a Filmmaker for filmmakers – covering the topic of how to stay fit in post (listen in here) and how to generate more creativity by living more healthy, I decided I have to change my lifestyle. I did not know how exactly yet, however I was determined I needed to change something. Later at home I went to the – also mentioned in this podcast – website and read a little bit.  And one thing really struck my mind: “You can’t improve on what you can’t measure!” And that’s true! Every athlete will tell you that. You just simply cannot improve on something that you did not measure before. So my first step to getting fit and improving creativity was: Running and getting a Fitbit to measure how I am doing.

January 2016

Changes happen slowly… in my case it took me nearly 4 months to finally get my ass up and do something. Yes, although my mind was set to change – it really was!!! – it took me a while to actually get going and doing something. I normally am not the guy who sets new years resolutions, but this year I did. To settle it I bought the “Fitbit Charge HR” and FINALLY started running. Well starting running in January is not the nicest thing – it’s cold as f**k, mostly rainy or snowing, windy ect. – you know the drill. But actually this kept me on my toes. I don’t know why but running while it’s freaking cold outside actually pushed me to run more.

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Huge thanks to Adalbert Pröter aka Blue- T Pictures for capturing our pain! Check him out!

February – March 2016

Still trying to keep up with my goal.  And to be completely honest: It ain’t easy. Really. I had my struggles. I had my ups and downs. but thanks to my Fitbit I saw an improvement over time. I was running in lower heart rates, which meant I was getting fitter – if not for the Fitbit, how else could I have seen this improvement?  And over time I really started enjoying going out for a run in the evening after a day of work, no matter if we were on set or just editing. What I am saying is: It’s a process. You don’t get fit by night! This seems like a no-brainer, however it is not. Because you want to see results to keep you going, but you only see them over time – over months and that’s what makes it really hard.

On top of starting to run I also drastically changed my food and water intake. I drank at least 1.5 l of water a day and reduced the intake on short-chain carbohydrates. I started eating a serious breakfast with full wheat bread and eating more fruits and vegetables. Oh, and I also took a veggie day every once in a while. But changing what you eat and drink is a whole other topic which I might feature in another blog post someday, I just wanted to mention it now because I think it really helps you to feel better!

To sum up my process of getting fit: It took a long time and needed changes in many points of my life. I cannot say for sure if this also changed my level of creativity, however I can say for sure that it changed the way I feel and how much energy I had over the course of a day. I just felt better overall. And that kept pushing me forward.

April 2016

I was working on the endurance part of what we as filmmakers need in our Job, but the strength part is completely neglected. I had a membership at the gym back when I went to College studying laws. I went to the gym up to 6 times a week for 2- 3 hours but never really felt well and did not get any results for the time I was spending. Well I was studying and to be honest you have way more time when you’re in college than when you are actually working. Going to a normal gym was a no-go for me.

I don’t recall how I got interested in Crossfit but after informing a bit about it I wanted to take a closer look at it and see whether it was something for me. What did I see from the pictures I saw online? There’s big “Crossfit Games” in which athletes compete one another like the olympic games – nice. They call their gyms “Boxes” and they look like big warehouses with some bars, weights and boxes in it – cool! They squat, do rope-jumping and jump on top of boxes for “working out”? Can’t be that hard can it? I mean it’s basically jumping around and sitting down in a row for a bit. Let’s see what those “Crosfitters” are made of. Said and done. I emailed the manager of my local Crossfit-Box and got a spot in the “Fundamentals” course.

Well… long story short: after my first workout – some deadlifts(blank bar), ring rows and something else… I can’t recall anymore – I couldn’t hardly walk any stairs without pain. But I instantly booked my first 10 courses because I was smiling all over my face although I felt like dying. It’s the feeling of pure happiness while also feeling like dying that got me hooked to Crossfit. Results of that workout were intense pain in every imaginable body part and parts I didn’t even know they existed, and the realization: I could not even do one single pull-up.

May 2016

A Month later I finally feel like I can do 2 Workouts a week and after one month and only 1 workout a week I could already do 3 strict pull-ups in a row and felt like a god – well I felt like it… but I knew I just got started, but I sure as hell did not want to stop anymore. It was or is like an addiction. And the community is just such a big helper! The people of our Box are just such a great motivation, to keep pushing yourself during the WODs, encouraging each other, driving each other to always surpass yourself. Its incredible! And the best thing is: This is only the beginning. I finally found a sport that I enjoy so much, that as soon as I come home I just want to get back to the Box and destroy myself again.

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