Short Documentary | Brew Brothers | Saarbrücken

Shooting a short documentary for Brew Brothers in Saarbrücken

As every filmmaker I always had a thing for coffee. The moment I drank a coffee brewed by Joe and Steve however, completely changed the way I looked at coffee. The Brew Brothers provide Saarbrücken a place to enjoy a coffee which is unrivaled in Saarbrücken – even the Saarland!

Naturally, I was really pleased when I got asked to shoot a short documentary for the guys. I wanted to make the film as authentic as possible. So I decided to not tell them what I was gonna ask them in their interviews, in order to make the answers as natural as possible. Well what can I say: Everyone who drank a coffee at their place told me that the film was the perfect representation of Joe and Steve – mission successful!


Brew Brothers

Bastian Dittrich

DP, Director of Photography
Bastian Dittrich
Canon C100

Bastian Dittrich

Color Grading
Bastian Dittrich

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